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V-Packings, WV-Packings

Both the V-packing and WV-packing are multiple-lip hydraulic seals that are made up of many v-ring seals stacked upon one another. The top and bottom of the V-packing or WV-packing are called the male adapter and female adapter separately.

Also known as chevron packing, this series of industrial seal set offers extra stability as it contains multiple V-ring seals. If one seal in a set fails, there will be another seal to serve as back-up.

Due to its excellent rigidity, extended service life, and superior sealing performance, this multi-lip seal has become a customer favorite. One the most popular uses is in the oil cylinder of a hydrostatic pressure tester.

1. Steel casing pipes, oil production tubing, and other steel pipes used in the oil and natural gas industry that are certified to API 5CT/ISO11960:2011, GB/T9711.1-2011, and GB/T9711.2-2011 standards.
2. GB8163-2008 seamless pipes
3. GB/T3092-2008 welded steel pipes

Operating Conditions
Operating pressure ≤120 MPa
Operating temperature: -20°C~+80°C
Operating media: water, emulsified fluid, hydraulic oil

Chevron Packing Installation Drawing

Related Specs


Groove dimensions

Sealing type

Order No.
D (H7) d (h9) H+0.2
1 V60×45×35 60 44.990 35 I Y601
2 V65×51×35 65 50.900 35 I Y602
3 V75×55×35 75 54.990 35 I Y603
4 V130×100×80 130 99.880 80 II Y604
5 V170×140×80 170 139.855 80 II Y605
6 V185×165×55 185 164.855 55 II Y606
7 V205×175×80 205 174.855 80 II Y607
8 V340×300×90 340 299.810 90 II Y608
9 V385×345×85 385 344.810 85 II Y609

Groove dimensions in the above table are determined based on a typical polyurethane vee packing that contains 3 v-ring seals, as marked in green in the product dimensions diagram. Customer can either increase or reduce the number of the V-ring seals needed in a specific application according to the pressure of hydraulic cylinder. Watch out also for the height of modified groove. For details,Please refer to our handbook.

Model No. Order No.
Example V170X140X80 Y605
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