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Polyurethane Seals

We are a specialized polyurethane seal manufacturer. Our polyurethane seal has seen wide use in hydrostatic testers and threading machines in steel manufacturing. Not only that, our sealing product is also adopted by tunneling shields in construction. On our official website, customers can find a variety of hydraulic seals in different specifications to satisfy their specific requirements.

    1. Metal Cased Polyurethane Seals

      Because the metal cased PU seal is to be fitted inside the steel pipe during a hydrostatic pressure test, the elastomeric body will expand outwards when being pressurized.

    1. U-Cups

      U-cups are called so because of their unique U-shaped profile. This lip seal, either in single slip or double lip design, is typically made of polyurethane due to some intrinsic qualities associated with that material.

    1. Face Seal

      Made of quality elastomer, the face seal is typically used at the joint between two steel pipes in hydrostatic testing to offer leak-proof retention of hydraulic oil in the radial direction with respect to the axis of the seal.

    1. Shaft Seals

      Shaft seals are dynamic seals used to seal passages between machine components in relative motion. A shaft seal is used in combination with the metal reinforced high pressure seal.