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O-Ring Loaded Seal

Some hydraulic seals including the wiper seal, rod seal, guide ring, and piston seal can be bonded with an o-ring to form an integrated o-ring loaded seal for easy installation inside the hydraulic cylinder. Jianke Huifeng is an expert in industrial seals with over 20 years of experience.

Our o-ring loaded seals are classed into several groups, based on their unique lip profile. Note that these classifications do not represent a global view, but they help us quickly find out which is which in our daily operation. Maximum pressure that our hydraulic seal can handle is 300MPa.

    1. O-Ring Loaded Seal, Delta Shape

      Our triangular o-ring loaded seal is available in one of six models, all of which are made up of a seal (with delta-shaped cross section) bonded to an o-ring.