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Split Piston Guide Ring

The function of our split piston guide ring is to keep the piston and rod centered, preventing them from side play. The use of guide band or wear ring ensures even wear and pressure distribution, avoids metal-to-metal contact between sliding parts, and dampens excess radial load.

Made of reinforced PTFE, the split piston guide ring exhibits outstanding wear resistance, suitable for dry running with poor lubrication. The wear ring also conducts heat well, resists compression and corrosion, and eliminates the need of lubricating oil.

Operating Conditions
Dynamic compressive strength: 0~15MPa
Operating temperature: -55~+250°C (depending on the o-ring material)
Reciprocating speed: <6 m/s
Operating media: air, water, hydraulic oil, etc.

Guide band/ring (for piston rod)DX-1
Breakdown diagram of guide band/ring
Guide band /ring (for cylinder bore)DX-1
Related Specs
Groove width
Guide band/ring width b- 0.2 Guide band/ring thickness t -0.05 Cut width
1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 4.0
5.6 5.5 1.0
6.3 6.1 1.5
8.1 7.9 2.0
9.7 9.5 2.5
15 14.8 3.0
20 19.5 4.0
25 24.5 5.0
30 29.5 6.0
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