We are a specialized polyurethane seal manufacturer. Our polyurethane seal has seen wide use in hydrostatic testers and threading machines in steel manufacturing. Not only that, our sealing product is also adopted by tunneling shields in construction. On our official website, customers can find a variety of hydraulic seals in different specifications to satisfy their specific requirements.
As a specialist PTFE seal manufacturer, we deliver a diverse line-up of composite seals, Stepseals, Glyd rings, dust seals, and guide rings. All of our products are specially designed for sealing oil cylinders and piston rods. If you are a sealing device agent or hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we can complete bulk orders for you.
Certain characteristics are needed in PTFE to be used in the construction of hydraulic seals, such as lubricity, wear resistance, and compressive strength, some of which are not found in virgin PTFE. Because of that, we often add PTFE fillers to enhance PTFE performance, including glass fiber, copper, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber, and polyimide.