About Us

Jianke Huifeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a tried and true producer of high pressure seals for use in hydrostatic pressure tests. From its very outset, the company has been producing the highest quality hydraulic seals, all backed up by a team of knowledgeable and experienced researchers, developers, and customer service representatives.

At JK, PU seals and PTFE seals are two proprietary products, a great source of pride for the company. Another noteworthy item is the spindle seal, developed specially for tunnel boring machines.

Thus far, a dozen of hydrostatic tester manufacturers have learned to count on us for reliable industrial seals which later find better use among steel pipe manufacturers. Our valve seals and metal reinforced seals are widely employed in truck-mounted hydraulic fracturing pumps of oilfield service industry.

Our sealing devices have earned us 4 patents, covered by patent numbers 012198439, ZL02 2 94523.7, ZL 2011 2 0243967.4, and ZL2011 2 0243967.4. Built to API Spec 5CT/ISO 11960:2004 requirements, JK rubber seals deliver the best in stability, longevity and performance, for which they have been highly praised by customers from home and international buyers in South Asia. We are also recognized as an A-rated Supplier by Tianjin Pipe Group Corporation.